Manufacturing Matters is Here!

Because Manufacturing Matters in Massachusetts the Workforce Training Fund Program has awarded NTA two Small Business Direct Access grants to pay for employees to access free or low cost training in Basic Manufacturing Skills and Lean Principles.  For more information go to our event web page by Clicking Here.





Massachusetts offers two major employer based programs (General Program, Express Grant) that are solely funded by a specific tax paid by employers of the commonwealth. The purpose of these programs is to provide resources to employers to better train their employees, support smaller companies with training projects and encourage new hiring. The following are just two of many reimbursement programs, grants, tax credits available to Massachusetts employers.


General Program

  • For companies of any size seeking to train employees in job related skills through a comprehensive company wide program
  • Maximum Grant amount $250,000
  • Awarded to employers, employer organizations, labor organizations, training providers and consortia of small companies
  • Training programs must be completed within 24 months.

Express Grant

  • For companies with 100 or fewer employees (Soon to be for companies of any size)
  • Maximum Grant amount $30,000 – $3,000/employee
  • Training programs must be completed within 24 months
  • 50% of total training costs can be reimbursed

NTA’s comprehensive grant writing services include:

  • Evaluate your current training programs for funding eligibility
  • Design/Develop a training plan to meet your business goals
  • Identify a grant program to suit your training needs
  • Write and submit all grant procurement documentation and requirements
  • Negotiate to maximize contractual values
  • Administer and complete all grant related documentation
  • Act as liaison between your company and the commonwealth

These grants approvals are based on very competitive criteria. Funds are limited and only awarded to a small percentage of applicants.


Contact Josh Britton at (413)789-3444. He will determine your best suited program eligibility and provide you with an estimate of how much your state training grant could be worth right over the phone.

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