Without National Training Associates, CSW would not have obtained the $95,000 grant from the Massachusetts Workforce Training Fund. They navigated the paperwork, kept us informed and in compliance and provided top-notch training that was tailored to meet our needs. Josh Britton provided professional advice, was prepared, informed and respectful of my time. I appreciated his desire to obtain positive results and am pleased to have been associated with him on this project.

- Ann M. Lukasik, Controller, CSW, Inc.


Gentle Giant Moving Co. has relied on the guidance and support of Josh Britton / National Training Associates, Inc. to help secure funds and then help manage related training programs that have brought a measurable and significant improvement to our workplace. We have had the pleasure of working with Josh during two different grant cycles during the past four years, and the specific advisement we have received with regards to securing the funding and executing on related plans has been exceptional. As a result of our relationship with National Training Associates we have achieved significant improvements in our workplace productivity and significant improvement in the managerial skills of a wide range of our staff. These achievements simply would not have been possible without the support and guidance of Josh. At all times we have felt that Josh went above and beyond to truly understand our business challenges and responded with advisement that allowed us to pursue funding and create & manage training programs that addressed critical business challenges in our workplace.

We’ve been truly delighted with the quality of service we’ve received over the years from National Training Associate.


National Training Associates was able to help my company grow over the last 3 years. Training new and existing personnel can become very costly to a company and with the help of NTA I was able to seamlessly find ways to receive reimbursement for our training programs. These funds not only helped me keep up with the various technologies, but has also allowed me to afford the cutting edge advancements in technology with the financial support of continuously training my employees.

Jared Cohen President, Auto Action Group Inc


As the director, performance and development at Public Service Enterprise Group in Newark, I was approached in early 2010 by Cynthia Ronconi of NTA, Inc regarding a customized training grant that was available to PSEG from the State of New Jersey. What she described sounded somewhat far-fetched as neither I nor any of my predecessors in this role had been aware of the program, let alone taken advantage of its benefits. Cynthia took the time to walk me and a member of my staff through the process, explained exactly what was involved in preparing and submitting an application, and explained the financial benefits available to my company for training, both formal and on-the-job. Cynthia and the NTA team made this process as smooth as possible given the amount of training information that needed to be collected and the commentaries that needed to be prepared. She worked with us every step of the process and helped minimize confusion and complication. Additionally, Cynthia worked through concerns we had around confidentiality of the data to be submitted to the State as part of the grant application and handled our sensitivities around this issue with understanding. I am happy to say that we received our first grant checks just the other day. We are very grateful to NTA and Cynthia Ronconi for their thorough understanding of the process and their step-by-step assistance. Needless to say, we could not have completed this successfully without their expert help.

Vincent Labbate
, Performance & Development PSEG


Without National Training Associate’s experience and knowledge we would not have recognized the valuable funding and resources that are available to our company here in Massachusetts. By using NTA, we were able to a secure a sizable grant for our workforce development needs while avoiding the hassles and bureaucracy that are typically associated with these large scale projects. Overall, I would recommend NTA to any organization that is looking to fund its workforce development needs through a simplified and stress-free process.

Kim Counter
Director of Human Resources
, J. Polep Distribution Services




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